A Grandmother Sees Again

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Did you know that 80% of the blind people in the world don’t have to be? Meet Martha, a grandmother from Namibia, who lost her vision about a year ago. Experience her joyous journey as her sight is restored.

You can help restore sight, dignity, and independence to people like Martha, by making a gift in the form below. Thank you!


  • SEE volunteers, Dr. Jesus Fuentes Mujica, ophthalmic technician Luis Velasco and Dr. Maxwell Cheng cared for hundreds of Peruvians, providing free eye exams and sight-restoring surgeries. Dr. Mujica is a Peruvian ophthalmologist who goes on close to 20 medical missions in his own country each year. Seeing how worn his one set of surgical instruments were from many years of use, Dr. Cheng generously gave him his own instrument set so that Dr. Mujica could continue his work to help the needy in the rural areas of Peru.

    March 27


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