Children’s Sight Week 2017

Free EYE EXAMS and Vouchers for Children!

During the week of December 18-22, 2017, children in Santa Barbara will receive free eye exams and Goleta Valley Optical vouchers for glasses from SEE International’s local Santa Barbara Vision Care Program. Prior to the event itself, we are partnering with a variety of community organizations, such as local Boys and Girls Clubs and Girls Inc., to screen children throughout the region to see if they need more comprehensive services during Children’s Sight Week.

For children, proper eyesight is essential to doing well in school.  Uneducated, sight-impaired children are likely to grow into uneducated, sight-impaired adults, and the cycle of economic hardship continues. SEE and the Santa Barbara Vision Care Program aim to break this cycle to empower adults and children with sight.

About Our Santa Barbara Vision Care Program

SEE International has a deep commitment to helping low-income individuals in the Santa Barbara, CA area gain access to free eye care. Established in the 1980’s, the Santa Barbara Vision Care Program (SBVCP) provides uninsured local adults and children with free comprehensive eye exams, glasses, medicine, and essential eye surgeries for eye conditions such as cataracts and pterygium.

Each year the clinic holds at least two major events to serve the community. Primarily Veterans Day in November and Children’s Sight Week in December. Follow us on Facebook for updates!

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  • Our thoughts and sympathies go out to everyone who has been affected by the Southern California wildfires. While our office is closed today due to bad air quality, we are working remotely to ensure the eye care needs of our community are met. Next week our Santa Barbara Vision Care Program will begin providing free eye exams and glasses for anyone affected by the fire. We are also working with our partners to get eye drops donated to relieve any eye irritation you may be experiencing. Once we receive the shipments we will let you know where you can pick them up. Beyond that, here are a few tips from the American Optometric Association (AOA): 1. Stay indoors, if possible. Limit outdoor exposure, where smoke can affect ey.s Make sure your car and home air conditioners are set to recirculate, so outside air isn’t drawn inward. 2. To relieve pain consider using artificial tears or cold compresses. 3. Ask your optometrist/ophthalmologist about a more aggressive option, if necessary. 4. Practice good hygiene. Contact lens patients may begin suffering discomfort or even slight inflammation, when there is smoke in the air. Make sure you are cleaning your contact lenses regularly!

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