Blindness in Honduras

Honduras is a Central American country located next to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Before its colonization by Spain, the Mayan civilization built stunning cities and temples throughout the region. Today, according to the World Bank, 66 percent of the nation’s 8 million residents live in poverty. The country faces the highest level of economic inequality in Latin America. As a result, many Hondurans cannot afford basic eye care, and many of them become unnecessarily blind.

SEE in Honduras

SEE has worked throughout Honduras for over 20 years, helping make eye care affordable by providing free ophthalmological services across the country. Teams regularly work in La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa, the nation’s capital. With the help of our in-country partner Dr. Ricardo Rivera, who specializes in corneal transplants, strabismus and oculoplastic surgeries, SEE has also established a new clinical site in Roatan, one of the country’s Caribbean Bay Islands.

SEE also partners with Centro Cristiano de Servicios Humantarios de Honduras (CCSHH) to provide care and develop sites the El Progreso region, as well as nearby rural locations. In El Progreso, SEE offers cataract, strabismus, oculoplastic, and cornea surgeries, and is also a location of SEE’s pilot site for diabetic retinopathy treatment. Manos Amigos, another SEE partner, provides facilities for CCSHH and SEE teams to restore sight in the La Entrada area.


This #GivingTuesday our goal is to raise $5,000 to give sight to 100 people in Honduras. In 2018, we will have completed 1,221 sight-restoring surgeries and screened 3,757 Hondurans. Let’s make this #GivingTuesday, #GivingSightDay!

We will have visited Honduras in 28 programs this year. We have partnered with clinics in La Entrada, La Cieba, and El Progreso,  Honduras for over 20 years. Honduras is one of our most frequented countries annually.

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