Humanitarian Travel Resources

At SEE International, one of our main objectives is to make it easier for willing, humanitarian-minded volunteers to go on SEE expeditions. As such, we established relationships with Key Travel, The Travel Group, and Santa Barbara Travel  who can provide humanitarian travel options for our volunteer teams.

Booking flights, and getting baggage and medical supplies through airport security, can be complicated. We want to make sure that high airfares or unexpected luggage restrictions never stop an expedition from taking place. Our travel partners helps us guarantee this by offering discounted fares and extra baggage to humanitarian volunteers like you.

Humanitarian Travel Benefits

  • Extra Baggage – Most of the fares include 3 checked bags built into the ticket price. This should ease the challenges of transporting the supplies and essential equipment needed for your sight-restoring work.
  • Extended Ticketing – You may be able to hold humanitarian fares provisionally, up to 11 months in advance without commitment. This allows you to book early and take advantage of less expensive prices, without incurring a penalty for changing or cancelling.
  • Flexibility after Ticket Issuance – Humanitarian fares are typically flexible tickets, enabling you to change or cancel plans after ticket issuance, with significantly lower airline penalties.

At SEE, we want our volunteers to always feel welcome to book their own travel plans. That said, we think using a travel agency that offers humanitarian fares is an excellent option. From Randal Avolio, SEE’s President & CEO: “I personally recommend you at least get a quote for humanitarian fares before booking your next trip. Last summer I saved about $3,000, using humanitarian rates, when I went to the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

These firms will offer you multiple quotes to meet your scheduling needs and airline preferences, which you can compare with other rates you find online. One important thing to note – humanitarian fares are available for your entire team that is volunteering on the SEE expedition. Non-medical volunteers, spouses, and children included!

We encourage you to try using humanitarian fares at least once, and let us know if you find it helpful. Also, if/when you do try one of these companies, let us know how you liked it. We constantly strive to improve services for our SEE Docs, and the feedback is most helpful. Lastly, we highly encourage that you explore getting trip insurance.

Contact Information

Key Travel

To learn more or begin booking with Key Travel, email and include the travel request form. Their response time for quoting your trips is four business hours. Additionally, you can reach Key Travel at 646-218-2100.

Travel Group

To learn more or begin booking with the Travel Group, contact Sharon Forbes at  or at  (918) 494-0649.

Santa Barbara Travel

To learn more or begin booking with Santa Barbara Travel,  fill out their online form or book directly with their team.  Please contact: Charles de L’Arbre,, Debbie Weaving,, or Erin Zetter,  They can also be reached at  800-266-5452 or 805 969-7746 from 8am – 5pm (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday.

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