Program Support Request Process

As our network of eye care partners grows, we adapt our methods of support to the varying needs of different patient populations. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, SEE is requesting proposals for support to ensure we maximize our resources to help increase access to the best patient care possible. Here are the guidelines for submitting these proposals.

SEE’s Priority

Advancing the availability and quality of vision care for underserved and under-resourced patients and regions


• Program support (programs can be ongoing)
• Capacity building

Types of Support

• Capital
• Supplies
• Cash

Not Eligible

• Endowment
• Construction
• Salaries
• Research
• Marketing or fundraising
• Tuitions or scholarships
• Facility or utility expenses
• Projects where administrative costs are greater than 10%


Open: April 1
Closed: June 30
Notifications begin: September 15
Grant Agreement Signed and Returned to SEE: October 1
Funding and Supply Begins: January 1 (unless otherwise agreed to by SEE and grantee) Funding Cycle Ends: December 31 (unless otherwise agreed to by SEE and grantee)
NOTE: SEE has a 1-year maximum funding cycle. Any multiyear projects would need to submit on an annual basis for consideration of continued funding.

Required for Submission

• Organization overview
• Purpose of request
• Statement of need (including needs assessment)
• Impact to be achieved
• Project timeline (including any notable dates and milestones)
• Key personnel
• Detailed budget
• Future funding needs



• Cash support requires quarterly impact reporting (narrative, statistics, and any related receipts or invoices)
• Capital and Supply support require monthly impact reporting (narrative, statistics, and inventory if applicable)
• Blended support (Cash and Capital, Cash and Supply, Capital and Supply) requires monthly impact reporting (narrative, statistics, any related receipts or invoices, and inventory if applicable)

Final report:

Due within 90 days of the close of the funding cycle
• Impact (narrative and statistics)
• Budget accounting
• Any future program plans


All support-related communications, including proposals and reports, should be sent to