SEE Docs & Medical Volunteers

SEE Docs & Medical Volunteers

SEE International’s network of volunteers consists of more than 650 ophthalmologists and medical volunteers, from 80 different countries. Some of our volunteer ophthalmologists serve primarily as hosts for clinics, while others travel extensively. They cover their own travel expenses, and provide accommodation for visiting surgeons. Working together, our visiting and host volunteer eye surgeons have screened more than 4 million people and given more than half a million people sight-restoring surgeries, transforming their lives forever.

The restoration of sight transform more than just the patient’s life, too. The lives of everyone connected to that person improve. Once sight is recovered, a productive life is possible again. Millions of people have to set aside their livelihood or education to take care of a blind relative. Now they can return to the field, market, or classroom.

In 2018, SEE volunteer teams completed more than 218 international programs in 48 different countries. They restored sight to 38,000 men, women, and children. The teams also screened more than 94,000 people for vision problems.

Surgical Courses & Trainings

Surgical Courses

SEE offers educational courses to prepare surgeons for performing surgery in rural settings worldwide.

Open Expeditions

Program Locations

SEE works in developing countries where 90% of the worlds’ blind live. See where programs are located.

Global partners

Global Partnerships

SEE partners with organizations worldwide. Join us in a partnership dedicated to restoring sight.


Read testimonials from SEE medical volunteers about their experiences on past programs around the world.

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Global Leader SEE Docs

We are pleased to highlight the following SEE Doc volunteers for generously contributing $1,000 and above for their annual membership dues. SEE Doc Dues go towards improving our global programs by dedicating the time to coordinate and request medical support, supplies and additional resources to the host countries where we work. We send our warmest thanks to our volunteers that are committed to providing essential eye care around the world.

If you are interested in becoming a SEE Doc volunteer, please join us today!

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