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About Our Clinic In Namibia

Our incredible team of volunteers will run a 5-day clinic in Oshakati beginning Friday, October 15. They will be led by Dr. Helena Ndume, the first recipient of the United Nations Nelson Mandela Prize for her dedicated service to humanity. SEE’s doctors have already screened an estimated 300 patients who will receive free sight restoring surgeries.

These efforts are made possible thanks to individual donations from people like you!

How Your Donation Is Put To Work

Your donations allow us to provide medical supplies to the hospital clinic where 5 surgical doctors and 25 medical volunteers will perform sight-restoring surgery to the community of Oshakati.

What SEE Does

SEE International is a non-profit organization helping to end preventable blindness in the United States and across the globe. We provide free eye care and sight-restoring surgeries to those in need. SEE is proud to be a top-rated US charity by Charity Navigator, GuideStar and BBB’s

Help us save someone's sight

The World Health Organization predicts the number of blind people worldwide will triple to 108 million by 2050 – mostly in areas where resources for high-quality eye care are scarce.

Over 75% of blindness cases are preventable or treatable with basic care and low-cost surgery.

Your support over the last 45 years has helped SEE make a difference in the world

sight-restoring surgeries

Why sight matters

Preventable blindness creates unnecessary hardships for thousands of people worldwide, including enormous financial burdens as their inability to see disallows them from working to support their families or themselves. People with vision impairments also experience higher rates of violence and abuse, and their family members are more likely to experience anxiety or depression.

Where we work

Our volunteer teams travel around the world and throughout the U.S. to provide critical eyecare and train other doctors to do the same, creating more sustainable eyecare systems across the globe.

United States

Since 2006, we’ve delivered essential eye care to underserved communities throughout the United States.
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SEE has established eye care clinics in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and more.
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Latin America

We work extensively throughout Central and South America, with a concentration of programs in Mexico as well.
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Every year, SEE collaborates with local doctors across 17 African countries — and counting.
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We’ve been working with local eye care professionals all across Asia since SEE was first established in 1974.
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Our volunteer doctors travel to communities in Fiji, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, and more.
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