Children’s Sight Month 2023 with SEE International

Children’s Sight Month 2023

Children’s Sight Month 2023 was an overwhelming success!

Children’s Sight Month is an annual Santa Barbara Vision Care (SBVC) event that helps children in the greater Santa Barbara area get the essential eyecare they need while raising awareness of SEE’s local programs. This event supports free comprehensive eye exams and free glasses for kids right here in our local community, specifically at SBVC clinics in Goleta, Ventura, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks.

Every year, our SBVC team gets to speak with the many children who come into our offices during the event. From them, we’ve learned that being able to see allows kids to thrive both inside and outside of the classroom, as it helps them build confidence while making it easier to focus. We provided screenings and exams to a total of 461 children this year!


Juan receives free eye care at Santa Barbara Vision Care

Among the many children we helped during this event was Juan, a first grader who visited our clinic for a comprehensive eye exam and glasses.

Juan loves to play soccer with his friends and wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

After getting his eyes examined, he told us that sight is important because it helps him to do well in school, to listen, and to be healthy.


Andrea, a 15 year old student receiving care at SBVC.

Andrea, who is 15 years old, also got an eye exam during Children’s Sight Month.

Andrea is a high school student who wears glasses and wants to be a lawyer in the future, so being able to see is very important to maintaining focus in her studies.


Juan, an 11-year old receiving free eye care at SEE's Santa Barbara Vision Care.

Another child who received care was 11-year-old Juan, who wants to be a police officer when he gets older. He likes to play video games with his brother, which requires him to have good vision.

Juan was nervous before getting his eyes checked, but then became much more comfortable after meeting the SEE team: “I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs help with their eyes,” Juan said.

We feel so privileged to give back to kids through this month-long community event. With the help of our partners and supporters, we’re ensuring that children right here in Santa Barbara have the resources they need to succeed!


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