Childhood Blindness

SEE holds several pediatric-specific clinics throughout the year, generally once a month. You can give sight now to support our programs that help blind children around the world to see again.

What is Childhood Blindness?

Children’s eyes are very sensitive and are easily affected by infection and nutritional deficiencies, making childhood blindness very common in developing countries. Childhood blindness is caused by a number of diseases and conditions, and prevention or treatment often depends on the cause. Efforts to prevent or treat childhood blindness can range from public health campaigns providing Vitamin-A supplements, to undergoing surgery.


  • Cataracts from rubella
  • Corneal scarring from measles, Vitamin-A deficiencies, or traditional medicines
  • Strabismus
  • Retinopathy of prematurity from premature birth


Preventing childhood blindness requires access to prenatal care, primary health care, and good nutrition, which is not often available in developing countries, especially to those living in rural areas.

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Every year, SEE doctors provide free glaucoma surgery to thousands of patients around the world.

Childhood Blindness Around the World

Treating Childhood Blindness is a priority for SEE International; we are working diligently to reduce childhood blindness around the world by:

  • Performing pediatric surgeries
  • Providing ophthalmic training to local eye care personnel in areas of need
  • Strengthening local health care infrastructure

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