The vital sight-restoring work we do is made possible because of the generosity of our volunteers—both medical and non-medical—and our donors. Over 80% of our funding comes from people like you. Below are the different ways you can help support us in our mission.

Ways to Give

Make a

Individual donations are the backbone of SEE’s efforts and one of the most direct ways you can restore sight to those in need.

Be a Champion of Sight

Monthly donations are among the most sustainable and helpful ways to contribute to our mission of sight.

Start a

Make charity part of your celebration or event to raise funds and spread awareness about the need for accessible eyecare.


Many companies double an employee or retiree’s donation to SEE making your dollars go even further to those in need!


Stock donations may provide a great tax benefit while also supporting essential eyecare to individuals in need.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

DAF investment donations can provide immediate tax benefits while supporting SEE’s efforts to provide essential eyecare.


We’re proud that over 650 eye care professionals from more than 80 countries volunteer with SEE to provide transformative eye care to people in need around the world. 

SEE Doctors can act as hosts for our international programs, and as traveling surgeons who provide tools, training, and expertise to help combat preventable blindness across the globe. 

Get Qualified

Most of our international programs require MSICS experience. SEE offers two levels of ophthalmologist training.

at a Clinic

Visiting SEE Doctors choose where they want to go, then work alongside their hosts to perform surgeries and exchange skills.

a Clinic 

Hosts provide clinic facilities, pre-screen patients, perform surgeries alongside visiting SEE Doctors, and manage all post-op care.


The vital sight-restoring work we do is made possible because of the generosity and passion of our volunteers — both medical and non-medical.

Help Out at SEE’s Headquarters

Volunteer at SEE’s Santa Barbara headquarters to provide hands-on help with our operations and administration.

Volunteer as a Photojournalist 

SEE often needs photojournalists around the world to help document our programs and the stories of individuals we serve.

Be an

You can advocate for our mission by spreading awareness on social media, or by starting your own fundraiser for sight!

 Other "Ways to Give" Include:


Include SEE International in your will to make life-long impacts for generations to come.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsors can participate with in-kind medical donations, cash grants, resources and collaboration.


Foundations provide the ongoing support critical to making our medical programs and clinics possible.

for Charity

Shop on eBay using eBay for
Charity to have a portion of
your purchase donated to SEE.


Donate visual health educational textbooks and materials and SEE will reimburse your shipping costs.