Humanitarian Leaders

Meet the inspiring medical volunteers at the forefront of SEE’s mission. It is the hard work and dedication of our doctors that make our life changing work possible.

SEE’s network of over 650 volunteer medical professionals donate their time and expertise to ensure individuals all across the globe can access the care they need. We are honored to work with such inspiring humanitarian leaders that share our mission of ending preventable blindness.

Close-up photo of Dr. Helena Ndume

Dr. Helena Ndume

Growing up during Namibia’s illegal occupation by apartheid South Africa, Dr. Helena Ndume is no stranger to adversity.

She was inspired to become a humanitarian ophthalmologist after traveling to receive her education and seeing the global need for accessible eyecare.

Dr. Ndume began volunteering with SEE international over 25 years ago, and has since restored sight to over 30,000 individuals throughout her career. She has dedicated her life to eradicating the epidemic of preventable blindness in Namibia, and has been recognized with many prestigious awards for her overwhelming impact on those in need.

Drs. Preeti & Janak Shah

Drs. Preeti and Janak Shah are SEE’s volunteer power-couple. Collectively, the two have been volunteering with SEE for over 21 years, traveling for over 100 programs in 20 countries.

In addition to running their own successful private practice in Mumbai, India, and volunteering to restore sight to individuals worldwide, Drs. Preeti and Janak Shah also volunteer in SEE’s vital ophthalmology training program. Between the two of them, they have taught 26 Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery Courses at many world-renowned medical institutes, training over 200 surgeons in the technique.

In April of 2022, the couple established a charitable hospital in Palghar, called the Sai Pooja Dental and Eye Care hospital, to provide free surgeries to underserved patients. SEE supports this hospital by providing essential medical supplies.

Drs. Preeti and Janak Shah
Dr. Jeffrey Levenson photo in operating room

Dr. Jeffrey Levenson

As SEE’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Levenson has traveled all around the world to restore sight on short-term SEE programs.

Having developed cataracts himself just 13 years ago, Dr. Levenson is extremely passionate about the opportunity to restore sight to individuals in need.

He currently runs a private practice in Jacksonville, Florida, where he began his own humanitarian eyecare program called Gift of Sight. This program provides free eyecare services to locals that would otherwise be unable to access it.

Over his 12 years volunteering with SEE, Dr. Levenson has focused primarily on restoring sight in the Philippines, where he has traveled for a total of 5 short-term SEE programs.

SEE Humanitarian News

Honoring SEE Trustee Emeritus Dr. George Primbs

We would like to honor and commemorate SEE Trustee Emeritus and friend, Dr. George Primbs, who passed away recently on January 7th, 2024.

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2023 Humanitarian of the Year Awards

SEE's Humanitarian of the Year Award honors the dedication and achievement of volunteer ophthalmologists and partner organizations that are committed to ending preventable blindness.

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Richard Auhll

Honoring SEE’s Former Board Member

Richard Auhll, former SEE board member and long-time supporter of our mission, passed away on September 6, 2023.

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SEE Volunteers

Dr. Abdou Zeinabou
Dr. Abha Kumar
Dr. Agustin Godinez-Magana
Dr. Ajay Singh
Dr. Akwasi Ahmed
Dr. Alanna James
Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez
Dr. Alessandro Castellarin
Dr. Alexander Barash
Dr. Alfredo Chu
Dr. Ali Djalilian
Dr. Alicia Ponce
Dr. Alicia Nosworthy-Cox
Dr. Allen Wang
Dr. Allison Jarstad
Dr. Alyssa Smith
Ms. Amber Bettis
Dr. Ami Shah Vira
Dr. Andrew Sorenson
Dr. Andrew Lewis
Dr. Andrew Bailey
Ms. Angelina Verdialez
Dr. Ann Hornby
Dr. Ann Fisher
Dr. Anne Pluenneke
Dr. Annie Chang
Dr. Anthony Evangelista
Dr. Artis Montague
Dr. Avni Shah
Dr. Ayan Chatterjee
Dr. Barbara Schroeder
Dr. Barry Wolstan
Dr. Beth Cornell
Dr. Bethlehem Mekonnen
Dr. Brian Nichols
Dr. Carlindo Da Reitz Pereira
Dr. Carlos Acuna
Dr. Carlos Gomez
Mr. Carlos Gonzalez
Dr. Carlos Castellano
Dr. Carolina Martinez
Dr. Cathy Braswell
Dr. Charity Grannis
Dr. Charles Beischel
Dr. Charles Cole
Dr. Charles Cohn
Dr. Cheryl Liu
Dr. Chezan Barnett
Mr. Chris Brashears
Dr. Chris Wu
Dr. Christian Nilson
Dr. Christina Choi
Dr. Christine Martinez
Mr. Christopher Mwanansao
Dr. Clarence Siapco
Dr. Connor Davenport
Dr. Craig Chaya
Dr. Cristos Ifantides
Dr. Cynthia Kesty
Dr. Damien Goldberg
Dr. Dan Tu
Dr. Daniel Alter
Mr. Darren Streff
Mr. David Medford
Dr. David Brown
Dr. David Storer
Dr. David Khorram
Dr. Devesh Vyas
Dr. Diane Van Etten
Dr. Diego Nieto
Dr. Diego Mejia Gaido
Dr. Divya Manohar
Ms. Dominique Moreno
Dr. Douglas Jacobson
Dr. Ebrahim Elahi
Dr. Elias Coto
Ms. Elissa Wakeland
Dr. Eliza Barnwell
Ms. Elizabeth Quezada
Ms. Erika Rodriguez
Dr. Evis Petrela
Dr. Federico Estrella
Dr. Federico Malubay
Dr. Frilo Silva
Dr. Gaurang Trivedi
Dr. Gavin Bahadur
Dr. Gena Damento
Dr. Geoff Tabin
Dr George Pronesti
Dr. Georges Birenbaum
Dr. Glen Smalley
Dr. Glenn Strauss
Dr. Gonzalo Cruz Diaz
Dr. Gonzalo Vicente
Dr. Gregory Parkhurst
Dr. Gregory Giles
Dr. Greta Kindermann
Dr. Harrison Bowes
Dr. Harry Vanderwal
Mrs. Heather Parkhurst
Dr. Heather Broyles
Dr. Helena Ndume
Dr. Hon Vu Duong
Mr. HT Hundley
Dr. J. Salvador Acuna
Mr. Jacob Verdialez
Dr. Jairo Rodriguez
Dr. Jake Bostrom
Dr. Jalikatu Mustapha
Dr. James Burcham
Dr. James Conahan
Dr. James Caudill
Dr. Janak Shah
Dr. Jane Weaver
Dr. Japhet Boniface
Dr. Jean Claude Niyonzima
Ms. Jeannette Wong-Powell
Dr. Jeff Pettey
Dr. Jeffrey Ing
Dr. Jeffrey Levenson
Dr Jeremy Joseph
Dr. Jewel Sandy
Dr. Jim Wentzein
Mr. Jim Deardorff
Dr. Jimmy Garcia
Dr. Johanna Osorio Ayuso
Dr. John Fowler
Dr. John Cropsey
Dr. John Clements
Dr. John Willer
Dr. John Welling
Dr. Jordana Fein
Dr. Jorge Ponce Nunez
Dr. Jorge Rivera
Dr. Jose Cuchillas
Dr. Jose Angel Somoza
Dr. Jose Maria Eduardo Irusteta Muniz
Dr. Joseph Ng
Dr. Joseph Miller
Mr. JP Garcia
Mr. Juan Torres
Dr. Judith Newman
Dr. Judson Martin
Dr. Julia Agapov
Dr. Julio Narvaez Oms
Dr. Jurij Bilyk
Mr. K.V. Chalam
Dr. Kanika Agarwal
Dr. Kara LaMattina
Dr. Karen Small
Ms. Karen Steves
Dr. Karl Holzinger
Dr. Karthik Srinivasan
Dr. Kayla Unsell
Dr. Kayvan Keyhani
Dr. Kenneth Turley
Dr. Kenneth Westfield
Dr. Kevin Barber
Dr. Kevin Mark
Dr. Kevin Talbot
Dr. Khari Wellman
Dr. Kimberly Bass
Dr. Kisan Pehere
Dr. Kodjo Abalo
Dr. Kristin Wagner
Dr. Lakshmi Swamy
Ms. Laura Selken
Dr. Lauren Shatz
Dr. Laurence Nelson
Dr. Lawrence Sieve
Dr. Lee Diane M.
Ms. Linda Parrish
Dr. Linda Tsai
Ms. Liz Diaz
Dr. Lloyd Williams
Dr. Lorena Chinchilla
Dr. Luc Janssens
Dr. Luis Lagos
Dr. Luis Rojas Funes
Dr. Madhavi Reddy
Dr. Manishi Desai
Dr. Marco Robles
Dr. Maria Fortepiano
Dr. Maria Cortina
Dr. Mark Hansen
Dr. Marsha Ledbetter
Dr. Marvin (Kenny) Hall
Dr. Matt Baruc
Dr. Matthew Denny
Dr. Matthew Thompson
Dr. Megan Wathen
Dr. Melissa Kern
Ms. Mica Bergman
Dr. Michael Colvard
Dr. MIchael Cornell
Dr. Michael Bradley
Dr. Michael Sable
Dr. Michel Gelinas
Dr. Miguel Morcillo
Dr. Miguel Angel Berdeja
Dr. Milagros Choque Tancayllo
Dr. Mitchell Brinks
Dr. Moulay Omar
Dr. Mulwani Wambuzi
Dr Nate Gephard
Dr. Neil Farbman
Dr. Nguyen Anh
Dr. Nisha Dave
Dr. Oine McCabe
Dr. Ollya Fromal
Dr. Oyungerel Erdenechuluun
Dr. Ozoda Holmatova
Dr. Pamela Gonzalez Daher
Dr. Parag Gandhi
Dr. Patricia Sierra
Mr. Patrick Griffith
Mrs. Patty Torres
Dr. Paul Cotran
Dr. Payne Edmond
Dr. Pedro Gomez
Dr. Peter MacIntosh
Dr. Phetsamone Indara
Mr. Prakash Rayamajhi
Dr. Preeti Shah
Dr. Rachel Edelman
Dr. Rafael Bermudez
Dr. Rajesh Saini
Dr. Ralph Crew
Dr. Rami Zarnegar
Dr Randall Goodman
Dr. Randall Rottman
Dr. Rebecca Smalley
Ms. Renata Hundley
Dr. Riana Dolland
Dr. Ricardo Koening
Dr. Richard Stutzman
Dr. Richard Hartman
Mr. Rick Weaver
Mr. Robert Brownson
Dr. Robert House
Dr. Robert Rice
Dr Robert Weisenthal
Dr. Robert Appel
Mr. Robert Hoffmann
Dr. Roberto Jule Arana
Dr. Roberto Matamoros
Dr. Rocio Banegas Erazo
Dr. Ronald Braswell
Dr. Ronald Snow
Mr. Ronald Selken
Dr. Ruben Orillac
Dr. Ruby Das
Dr. Russell Swan
Mr. Ryan Fante
Dr. Salomao Chiambo
Mr. Sam Hahn
Dr. Samantha Lin
Ms. Sanchaita Ghosh
Mrs. Sandra Alderete
Mrs. Sandy Greenberg
Dr. Sanjiv Desai
Dr. Santiago Martinez
Dr. Saumya Yadav
Dr. Sawyer Hall
Dr. Scott Thomas
Dr. Scott Hickman
Dr. Sergio López Manfredo Villagrán
Dr. Seth Meskin
Dr. Sidney Somoza Cienfuegos
Dr. Sidney Chang
Dr. Soc Katarina
Dr. Sofia Bravo
Dr. Sophia Chen
Dr. Soroosh Behshad
Dr. Spencer Garlick
Dr. Stanley Pletcher
Dr. Stephen Fox
Dr. Stephen Couvillion
Dr. Stephen Bylsma
Mr. Steve Shaw
Dr. Steven Lee
Dr. Steven Sterling
Dr. Steven Anderson
Dr. Stevenson Kuartei
Dr. Stuart Sondheimer
Dr. Sudeep Das
Mr. Sudhir Thakur
Dr. Susan MacDonald
Dr. Susan DeGroot
Dr. Sushant Chafekar
Dr. Thomas Harvey
Dr. Thomas Bersani
Dr. Thomas Baah
Dr. Timothy Soeken
Dr. Todd Kinnick
Dr. Tom Tooma
Dr. Tomas Meijome
Dr. Toni Meyers
Dr. Trevor Smith
Dr. Tsontcho Ianchulev
Dr. Veronica Estevez
Dr. Vinashri Khirodhar
Dr. W. Ku
Mr. Walt Schroeder
Dr. Walter Pérez
Dr. Walther Schmidt
Dr. Wanjiku Mathenge
Dr. Wesley Cooper
Dr. Wilfred Kindermann
Dr. William White
Mr. William Myers
Dr. William Flynn
Dr. William McCollum
Dr. Winston Chamberlain
Dr. Yekaterina Joltikov
Dr. Zoraida Diaz