Interview with Colonel Blashford-Snell


Colonel John Blashford-Snell is a former British Army officer, who has been hailed as, “the last of the great adventurers.” A fearless explorer, Blashford-Snell’s accomplishments include being the first person ever to fully navigate the Blue Nile (which he did in 1968), crossing the Darien Gap in Panama (1971-72), and fully charting the Congo River (1974-75). He founded the Scientific Exploration Society in 1969, and the sustainable development charity Operation Raleigh in 1984.

Blashford-Snell also played a key role in many of SEE International’s earliest medical expeditions. Listen to Steve Bunnell’s interview with him, and learn how he struck up a friendship with Harry Brown and became part of the organization’s history.

Note: apologies for the poor sound quality of this interview. For your convenience, we have compiled a transcript, which can be accessed here.


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