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Here at SEE, it is our mission to provide accessible eye care services and sight-restoring surgeries to disadvantaged populations across the globe and right here at home. With the help of our partners and supporters, SEE aims to eradicate preventable blindness and strengthen communities worldwide by eliminating the many hardships brought upon by the inability to see.

There are 39 million people who are blind worldwide, and 90% of these individuals live in developing countries. Tragically, many of them could see again with just a short procedure, but they don’t have access to it. Without their sight, people lose their independence, making them unable to participate in daily activities, or work to support themselves or their families.

For over 45 years, every SEE doctor and medical professional has volunteered their time and expertise to aiding our organization’s cause, making SEE responsible for restoring sight to over 600,000 people. For as little as $25 dollars, we can restore sight to an individual in need, transforming their lives forever.

In an effort to raise awareness about our organization and our cause, we have launched a commercial that will be airing nationally in August of 2020. Being one of the most inspirational projects our communications team has ever worked on in the history of SEE, this commercial has the capacity to inform the nation about SEE’s existence, helping us grow to our fullest potential and increasing the number of lives we touch every year. In 2019, we reached some incredible milestones, serving over 80,000 patients and performing over 50,000 sight-restoring surgeries worldwide. Since just 2018, the number of patients our local program served jumped by 70%. By raising awareness and gaining more supporters every year, we are able to consistently increase our global impact. Through this commercial, we will inspire a new network of supporters to join us in taking action against preventable blindness. To view this commercial and learn more, visit our homepage here.

To our team here at SEE, we are thankful, as their efforts have played a substantial role in pushing our organization in the direction of continuous growth and towards a positive reputation of efficiency and transparency. Recently, SEE received the highest available rating from Charity Navigator’s Encompass rating system, as well as the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. With these accreditations, donors and supporters can rest assured that SEE is a trusted organization to invest in or become affiliated with. If you’d like to take action against preventable blindness and give sight now, visit our campaign page here. By joining us today, you can experience the joy of knowing someone can see again because of your generosity.

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