HUEH MSICS Program – May 2020

May 2020 | SEE News, Stories from the field

By Olivia Jones

Director of Marketing & Communications

May 1st marked the start of a month long MSICS training course for the 12 HUEH residents in Haiti. Together with Moran Eye, SEE has provided artificial eyes for the course, which is led by Haitian ophthalmologist, Dr. Pierre Luc DuPuy. Dr. Daniel Alter was able to acquire and ship microscopes to Haiti with the intent of setting up a wet-lab course like this, years before. The team then gathered computer and video equipment and supplies through Orbis and in collaboration with FOCUS, were able to host the internet based wet-lab

In January, Dr. William Myers and Dr. Alter traveled to Haiti to complete a proof of concept in the lab’s set-up, which was successfulThe training doctors feel that with this hands-on learning experience with the microscopes and basic techniques will allow a much quicker transition when the young residents go to the operating room for live surgery. SEE is proud to partner with these great organizations to make a lasting impact in the fight against avoidable blindness. Keep an eye out for updates throughout the month.

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