Operation Restore Sight

June 2019 | Patient Stories

By Eloisa Chavez

U.S. Programs Coordinator

Meet Porfirio, one of our patients who was able to see his daughter walk at her college graduation, thanks to the generosity of our supporters and partners.

Porfirio’s eyes had increasingly become more pained as his vision had become obstructed from a condition known as pterygium. This past April, he was referred to a SEE-supported clinic “Operation Restore Sight” in Orange County. Porfirio was originally scheduled to come into the clinic for surgery the same weekend as his daughter’s graduation. Concerned that he would miss this important milestone, he appealed to clinic staff to help him. Dr. Kersten was able to reschedule his surgery for an earlier date, and after his sight-restoring surgery, Porfirio could not contain his heartfelt appreciation. At his post-op appointment, he rejoiced being able to see without pain, return to work, and watch his daughter walk at her graduation.

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