Partnering with Savie Health for Local Eyecare Initiatives


Our New Clinic

We’ve started 2024 off on a high note! SEE International is honored to announce the opening of our new free vision clinic, located in Lompoc, California, in partnership with Savie Health. Through this partnership, community members of North County and the surrounding areas will be provided with access to free eyecare services, including screenings, comprehensive eye exams, and prescription glasses. These services will be provided by long-time SEE volunteer Dr. Michael Young at the Lompoc Clinic every other Friday from 12:00pm through 4:00pm.  

In celebration of this new partnership, SEE and Savie Health hosted a clinic opening event on Friday, January 12th, where community members were invited to enjoy light refreshments and a ribbon cutting ceremony. After the event, the clinic’s first official patient, Maria, was seen by Dr. Young.  

Maria’s Story

Maria is a 37-year-old woman who recently moved to Lompoc and became a stay-at-home mom after being employed for over twenty years. She has had the same prescription pair of glasses for 12 years now, and recently noticed her vision becoming blurry. However, she unfortunately did not have health insurance through an employer anymore, making it difficult to obtain a new prescription. With blurry vision, Maria struggled to drive and engage in her hobbies: 

“My sight is important for safety; I’m driving my children to and from school. It’s also important so that I can continue to do the things that I enjoy like reading,” she said.  

Fortunately, Maria learned of our new clinic in Lompoc, and scheduled an appointment. Upon the clinic’s opening, she received an eye exam and a prescription for new glasses, completely free of cost.  

SEE Volunteer Dr. Michael Young

 Dr. Michael Young, who has been volunteering with SEE International since 2017, commented on the importance of providing such care to people like Maria: 

“When they leave, they will know they were cared for very well, that their eye health is good, that they have the eyeglasses that they need and this can be helpful for future job applications, driving, all those things that they’re doing.”  

We are forever grateful to have started the new year off ensuring that everyone gets equal access to essential eyecare services. SEE is also proud to be joining together with like-minded organizations like Savie Health in ensuring health equity for the North County Community! 

How You Can Learn More and Help

Visit our Santa Barbara Vision Care page to learn about the communities we serve. You can also support our local efforts on that page or by donating to SEE now.


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