SEE’s World Sight Day Clinic


World Sight Day is an international day of awareness dedicated to spreading the word about the global need for eyecare. This year, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’ theme for World Sight Day was “Love Your Eyes!”  

To do our part in spreading awareness for this special day, SEE launched a campaign with the goal of raising $7,500 to provide sight-restoring care to 300 individuals at our international clinic in Namibia. In partnership with esteemed SEE ophthalmologist Dr. Helena Ndume, this clinic took place at our partner hospital in Onandjokwe, Namibia. With the help of our thoughtful supporters, we were able to surpass our goal, making the clinic an overwhelming success! Together, we ensured hundreds of individuals in need were able to love their eyes by having their sight restored.  

 Among of the many patients served in Namibia was 69-year-old Vistoria Paulus Oshendje Villange. Vistoria began noticing her eyesight dwindling while working in the fields, as she suddenly began planting seeds in places she had already planted. Upon visiting the hospital to inquire about treatment, she learned the surgery she needed would cost her $5,000.  

Unable to afford the surgery, Vistoria was forced to continue living without her eyesight. Fortunately, she later learned about SEE’s clinic in Namibia, and had her sight restored completely free of cost. Just days after her surgery, she was already able to see objects over 150 feet away.   

 “I couldn’t see anything at all when I came here, but now I can see very well,” said Vistoria. “The eye that went for surgery is even better than the eye that wasn’t operated on!” 

 SEE is so humbled and grateful to be able to transform the lives of individuals like Vistoria through programs like these.  


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