Transforming Lives in India

Shanti Devi lives in Saharsa, India with her family of five. To support themselves, most of the family works in agriculture, but due to their poor background, they struggle to fulfill their basic needs.

It became difficult for Shanti to carry out her daily duties when her vision began to blur a few months ago. With her eyesight continuously deteriorating, she soon wasn’t able to perform simple tasks like sweeping the floor or washing dishes.

“Everything was going well before I had a problem with my eye,” said Shanti. After a full month of experiencing issues with her vision, Shanti demanded that her family help her seek treatment: “I told [my family] about this problem in my home but everyone neglected my words. After a month I convinced them to bring me to the eye hospital and we got to know about Biratnagar Eye Hospital,” she said.

During her visit to the hospital, Shanti was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and scheduled for a sight-restoring surgery. Upon having her eyepatch removed after the operation, Shanti looked around the room, smiling joyfully: “I can see properly without the clouded lens!” she exclaimed.

Shanti extended her thanks and appreciation for the staff’s hard work and the facilities provided at Biratnagar Hospital. By offering direct supply support to our partners in India, they can continue conducting sight-restoring surgeries that transform the lives of individuals like Shanti.


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