Transforming Lives through Partnership: SEE International’s Impact in El Salvador


Here at SEE, we believe in using the power of partnerships to create long-lasting impacts on the communities we serve. Collaborating with like-minded organizations allows us to extend our reach and establish sustainable eyecare systems in regions where they are needed most. For instance, in May of 2023, we had the privilege of supporting a program in collaboration with Alcon, PazSalud, and Rosales Hospital. Through this partnership, we restored sight to economically marginalized seniors in El Salavdor.

Partnering with Alcon, PazSalud, and Rosales

One of our most significant partnerships is with Alcon, one of the largest eyecare device companies in the world, who has supported our mission for over 35 years. For more than three decades, Alcon has generously donated essential surgical supplies to our cause, empowering our partner clinics to perform thousands of sight-restoring surgeries each year.

In support of the program in El Salvador, SEE and Alcon Cares joined forces to donate surgical supplies to PazSalud and Rosales Hospital, collaborating to host an impactful cataract mission. PazSalud is a remarkable organization focused on serving economically marginalized seniors who lack access to crucial cataract surgeries, while Rosales Hospital serves as the country’s flagship public hospital and a crucial healthcare provider to the community.

This collaborative effort not only expanded the program’s capacity, but also resulted in restoring sight to 50 patients. Among these patients was the resilient Rosa, who arrived at the program in desperate need of help. Both of her eyes were clouded by cataracts, with the left eye’s cataract so advanced that even in a photograph, its presence was evident. She had already faced amputation of her arm and leg due to thrombosis and a diabetic ulcer, making her desperate not to lose her sight as well. Blind in one eye and rapidly losing sight in the other, Rosa ’s journey serves as a testament to the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations come together for a common cause. Thanks to our partners in sight, Rosa’s sight was restored, and she now has a brighter future ahead!  

Looking Ahead

PazSalud and Rosales Hospital have two more programs planned for 2023, with a goal of performing a total of 200 cataract surgeries this year! We are grateful for the ongoing support from Alcon, whose generous contributions of surgical supplies will once again allow local ophthalmologists in El Salvador to give the gift of sight to those who need it most.

We continue to be inspired by the endless dedication and sight-restoring efforts of organizations like Alcon, PazSalud, and Rosales Hospital. Through our collective determination and shared vision, these valued partnerships help us strive towards our goal of ending preventable blindness worldwide!


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