Twin Vision

November 2016 | Patient Stories, Stories from the field

By Kate Bryant

Former Vice President of Development

Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

Being a caregiver is challenging. Whether it’s your child, spouse, parent or another loved one, it’s a full-time job.  Now, imagine the relief you would feel if your loved one regained their independence in an instant. That’s what restoring someone’s sight can do.

In May 2016, a SEE team, led by Dr. Kimberly Lovelace, held a sight-restoring program in the Ivory Coast.

There, we met the D’Jezou family. The father, Koffi, and his twin 7-year old boys, Isaac and Israel, all had cataracts. Their mother cared for all three of them. It was much more than a full-time job!

The twins were fairly quiet, not moving far away from their mother or each other, due to their blindness. The team operated on the father on Friday, while the twins, waited to be seen on Saturday.  A week after the surgeries, their vision had improved significantly.

The most compelling piece was the joy of watching the twin boys…running around pointing at things that were new to them. From identifying their father from across the building, to seeing and playing with people’s toes, they were an absolute joy.

Their mother’s expression was priceless. Though full of joy, her face thoroughly displayed the newly-found exasperation of having twin 7-year-old boys running with freedom all around the building.

– Hoyt and Dr. Kimberly Lovelace

Thanks to you, their lives have begun anew.

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