VSP Global Eyes of Hope Program

November 2019 | Patient Stories

By Eloisa Chavez

U.S. Programs Coordinator

When Nitza’s mom, Erika, made her appointment with our Santa Barbara Vision Care program in Santa Barbara, she asked if we had a similar program in Sacramento, CA.

“My daughter is a university student and she recently told me that she has been having issues with her eyes, but we don’t have vision insurance.”

SEE International is a proud partner with VSP Global® and was able to offer her daughter a gift certificate for their Eyes of Hope® program. With an Eyes of Hope® gift certificate, Nitza was able to see a doctor in the VSP network and get treatment for her eyes. Now she’s able to focus on her studies and excel in her university courses.

VSP Global® Eyes of Hope® gift certificate programs provide no-cost access to eye care and prescription glasses from a VSP network doctor for adults and children in need. Please contact Arianna Castellanos at arianna@seeintl.org or call 805-963-3303 if you would like a gift certificate to visit a VSP network doctor near you.

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