Blindness in Ecuador

Ecuador has a strong national health care system that provides free medical care to all residents regardless of income.  Almost two-thirds of the population rely on the public health programs. However, many of these programs do not cover eye care.

An estimated 30,000 Ecuadorans suffer from blindness. Most of these cases are due to cataracts and glaucoma, which is often times treatable and/or avoidable. However, since health care programs do not cover eye care, the majority can’t afford treatment on their own and will not get the chance to see again. On top of that, many of those who are blind live in remote communities that are hard to reach. This creates a huge challenge for them to travel to eye care clinics or even get information about the possibility of getting treated.

SEE in Ecuador

SEE has been providing eye care for those who need it most in Ecuador for over 15 years.

In Guayaquil, SEE has partnered with Fundación Cristiano para la Salud to equip their clinic so that they are able to provide high-quality care year-round.  Through a partnership with Vision Outreach International, we host an annual program in San Lorenzo to provide free surgeries and eye screenings. Often times, these free clinics are the only opportunity for many patients to get their eyes checked and receive treatment.

SEE also has a strong partnership with FIBUSPAM in Riobamba. Each year, we host four to five clinics, where our teams treat about 200 children and adults for a wide range of cases including cataracts, corneal transplants, and oculoplastics.

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