International Programs Overview

International Programs Overview

Over 650 eye care professionals from all around the world belong to our global network of volunteers. They donate their time and professional services to restoring sight worldwide. Last year alone, we coordinated over 200 programs worldwide.

At the invitation of a local health authority in each country, we recruit, organize, and provide medical supplies and logistical support for the team. The surgical team operates in a busy clinical setting for up to five days. Case loads vary, depending on the size of the team and conditions at the clinic. The doctors may restore sight to anywhere from 50 to 300 patients during the course of the program. In addition to the life-transforming operations, participating surgeons often provide lectures and exchange valuable skills during the clinic. We also partner with other health organizations globally by supporting them with necessary equipment and supplies.

Where We Work

SEE has restored sight to thousands of people worldwide in over 80 countries.

SEE Medical Volunteers

Our network consists of over 650 eye care professionals worldwide.

Conditions We Treat

SEE treats several eye-related conditions and diseases.

Immediate Action Partnered with Sustainability

SEE teams take immediate action to restore sight to the millions of people blinded by treatable eye conditions. Visiting teams provide donated supplies and the extra manpower needed to assist host ophthalmologists in developing countries relieve the burden of blindness in their area.

Programs also involve educational exchange, where ophthalmologists can share the latest technologies with one another. This leaves a long after the program is over.

Teams also place equipment on permanent loan which is donated to us by corporations, foundations, and individuals. We usually lend equipment to clinics that we visit on a regular basis. It can then be used by in-country affiliate ophthalmologists on free patients when our teams have gone, as well as by future visiting teams. We also work with other global partners to help care for more people worldwide.

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