Join us in our mission to end preventable blindness.

Make a difference with MrBeast! By donating $5 a month and sharing this cause with others, you will become a part of a movement that can end preventable blindness. We know that $5 might not seem like enough to change the world. But with thousands of members joined together in a single mission, we can create a visibly brighter future.

MrBeast is Giving Sight

The world's most subscribed person on YouTube supports SEE!
MrBeast is considered the most influential YouTube star on the planet, with over 131 million subscribers! He recently learned about SEE and was so inspired by our work that he decided to join our cause by giving a substantial donation and sharing our mission with his fans. You can join MrBeast and help end preventable blindness by becoming a member and donating $5 per month. Become a member today!

People like you are changing lives.



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It’s easy to advocate for change.

Your membership covers the cost for two sight-restoring surgeries each year. But if you get five friends to join you, that’s 12 surgeries! And if they each get five friends to join – that’s 62 surgeries!

With power like that, we can change thousands of lives each year.

Join SEE

The power of change happens when we work together to fight against preventable blindness.


Advocate for our mission by sharing it with your friends and family using the hashtag #TogetherInSight

Social Media Kit

Check out our Social media kit for tools and ideas of how you can share the cause and make an even bigger impact.

What We Do

We bring volunteer medical teams together to provide free eyecare services around the world. We also donate supplies and train doctors in current surgical techniques to help make sure everyone can get the care they need.

We Go Where There's a Need

We coordinate programs where they are needed most. Our medical teams provide eyecare in over 40 countries.

We Provide Eyecare Supplies

We donate supplies in areas of need so local medical teams can provide care throughout the year.

We Train Doctors

We organize education courses that train doctors in surgical techniques so they can serve patients in need.

It feels so important to give back, but in giving back, I get a lot in return.

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Change starts with one person. You!

Become a Member of SEE

Change starts with one person. You!

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