What to Do When: Steps to Manage Complication during Manual SICS Cataract Surgery

Complications, MSICS Procedures | UPDATED January 29, 2021

Presenter: Prathmesh Mehta 

Source: eyetube.net 

Featured on eyetube.net, this is a collection of video clips demonstrating common complications that occur during cataract surgery and how to address them accordingly. If these complications are recognized quickly and addressed properly, serious complications like PC tear and nucleus drop can be avoided and the situation can be resolved with good visual outcome.” 

Citation: Mehta, Prathmesh. “What to Do When: Steps to Manage complication During Manual SICS Surgery.” eyetube.net. 06 January 2016. https://eyetube.net/video/what-to-do-when-steps-to-manage-complication-during-manual-sics-surgery/