Second Sight Movie

Our award-winning short-film features one family whose lives are forever changed.

Nestled in the rice fields of the Philippines, the Laniohan family faces the life-inhibiting consequences of blindness until a group of doctors visit the village and give the gift of sight in under five minutes.

Blindness doesn’t only affect the individual who loses his or her sight, it also changes the lives of those who must now care for their blind loved one. This had become the challenging reality for Virgilio, who for the past two years, had been taking care of his wife, Joanaly, after she lost her sight to cataracts.

In addition to his labors in the rice fields, Virgilio took on the work Joanaly could no longer do. He was cooking for the family, working in the garden, and caring for their home and barnyard animals. For Virgilio, ensuring that his family remained whole was his top priority, despite the hardships they faced. Virgilio’s love and compassion for Joanaly only grew stronger, as they dreamed that one day she would be able to see their family again.

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