Spring Sightings 2019

This publication is all about: when we work together, we can create global change, and better the future for families and communities for years to come.

One such story features one of our dedicated partners, Dr. Preeti Shah, who completed her 100th SEE-supported clinic. While she may be based in India, she regularly travels to clinics around the world. It is notable that she reached her milestone in Tarapoto, Peru, which is where SEE met Nacor, a young boy blinded by cataracts, in 2017. Dr. Shah and Nacor reunite and demonstrate how dedicated efforts make lasting impacts.

Each of the stories within this edition, highlight the commitment and dedication that enable SEE to create a lasting difference on a daily basis both here at home and around the world. Confronting global blindness is no small task. Thanks to our volunteers, partners, and supporters, though, we are making a remarkable impact.

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