TEDxSantaBarbara | Ending Preventable Blindness: Reinventing Cataract Surgery

Author/Presenter: Jeffery Levenson, MD
Source: TEDx Santa Barbara

In November 2017, Dr. Jeffery “Jeff” Levenson, a volunteer ophthalmologist and Chief Medical Officer at SEE, gave an illuminating talk at TEDx Santa Barbara. Jeff shared the story of how his life changed dramatically when he began losing his sight to cataracts. Once he received the treatment he needed to regain his sight, he became passionate about restoring sight to individuals around the world that do not have access to eye care. To do so, he needed to learn a new cataract surgery technique that did not involve the technology commonly used in the United States.

Jeff reached out to SEE to learn the technique, known as Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery, or MSICS, which is critical to treat cataracts in  humanitarian settings. Now an expert in the procedure, Dr. Levenson volunteers with SEE regularly, transforming lives worldwide with the precious gift of sight.

Citation: Levenson, Jeffery. “Ending Preventable Blindness: Reinventing Cataract Surgery.” TEDx Santa Barbara. November 2017

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