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SEE surgeons use a procedure called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) to treat many patients. It’s a quick, self-sealing and fast-healing technique that allows our volunteer teams to perform twice as many surgeries than other manual procedures. Because MSICS is usually only used in areas with limited access to medical equipment, it’s rarely included in traditional ophthalmic training — which is why SEE has been training humanitarian surgeons in the procedure since 2006.

MSICS experience is required for most international programs. We offer two levels of training: Level 1 Intro and Level 2 Fieldwork.

Level 1

Level 2

MSICS Level 2 Training with Dr. Bhattacharya

Faculty: Dr. Bikas Bhattacharya

Clinic: Bankrishnapur Janashree Sangha

Course Fee: $1300

Course fees include the training and any administrative costs.

You will have the opportunity to complete about 30 surgeries under mentor supervision.

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Bankrishnapur Janashree Sangha Village: Bankrishnapur, P.O Jangalpara Bazar District: Hooghly, PIN-712701
September 24-26 / October 1-3
November 12-14 (COVID permitting)

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MSICS Level 2 Training with Dr. Baah

Faculty: Thomas Baah

Clinic: Save the Nation Sight

This course is free of cost for SEE Affiliates.

You will have the opportunity to complete about 30 surgeries under mentor supervision.

Please note: Dr. Baah prefers when surgeons come for a week or more so they truly understand the technique.

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25 Nii Torgbor Ave, Accra, Ghana
Dates are flexible (COVID permitting)

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There are no courses available

Due to COVID-19, we are unfortunately not hosting any % courses at this time. For updates or more information, please get in touch.

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