Interview with Madhavi Reddy, M.D.

July 2016 | SEE News

By Steve Bunnell

Former Strategy & Communications Lead

Episode 2: Interview with Madhavi Reddy, M.D.

Steve Bunnell, head of communications at SEE International, interviews Dr. Madhavi Reddy, of Brownsville, TX. Madhavi is originally from India, but moved to the U.S. after graduating from medical school. Since joining with SEE, she has volunteered in countries as far-flung as Cambodia, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Ecuador, and Vanuatu.

Learn why she loves being an ophthalmologist, and gets such a thrill out of volunteering with SEE to restore sight around the world!


A Poem by Dr. Reddy

When I water you, my thirst is quenched,
When I feed you, I am full,
When I shelter you, I am safe,
When I teach you, I learn,
When I help you see, my eyes open,
When I hug you, I am comforted,
When I kiss you, I am treasured,
When I love you, I am loved.
When I share what I have, my life has a purpose.

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