Stories From The Field

Patient Stories

SEE International seeks to help millions of under-served individuals around that world that are unable to afford quality eye care, or do not have access to any type of reliable health care. A life of blindness can be debilitating, especially in the developing world where it can leave a person dependent and destitute. We hope these stories of hope, sight, and joy inspire you to give sight now!

The Hardest-Working Grandma in Santa Barbara

A Mother’s Wish

Giving Sight on the Pacific Hope

A Dream of Sight – The Story of José Rosas

Denise, a Haitian Grandmother

A Grandmother Sees Again

Volunteers in the Field

Non-medical volunteers, SEE staff members, and surgeons-in-training offer a special insight when they volunteer on a SEE expedition. Working directly with patients outside of the operating room, the stories they bring back from the field convey how deeply important the work is that our medical volunteers do to give sight to some of the most under-served people worldwide. Their stories are rich with the local culture and the stories of patients who experience a life-changing transformation. Enjoy their stories!

Waiting, Trusting, Seeing in Cambodia

A Commitment to Sight

Twin Vision

Eight Days in El Salvador: Anita Pandurevic

An Enhanced Perspective: El Progreso, Honduras

Endless Ethiopia With Dr. Madhavi Reddy

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