Our SEE Docs & medical volunteers have dedicated their time, compassion, and sight-restoring skills around the world. Find out more about their experience in the field!

“It feels so important to give back, but giving back, I get a lot in return. I get tremendous satisfaction out of trying to help restore sight  for someone who doesn’t see.”- Dr. Reed Kinderman

A Commitment to Sight

What is volunteering on SEE’s international programs like?  Experience the life-changing work directly from long-time SEE Volunteers Dr. Reed Kindermann and Dr. Jeremy Joseph.

Honduras, January 2016

“I volunteer because the rewards outweigh the effort by an order of magnitude or more. SEE streamlines the incredibly difficult administrative and political paperwork, and allows me to do what I do best, surgery.”David Medford, MD

Sierra Leone, December 2016

“Every patient operated had a unique story to tell–about how life-changing it is to go from being a dependent blind person one day to becoming again an independent and useful member of family and community the next days after cataract surgery! How very heart-warming and fulfilling it is to witness this scenario time and again with each expedition! We love it!”Kenneth Turley, MD

Cameroon, May 2014

“It is the ongoing work of organizations like SEE that help bring sight to thousands of people around the world who would otherwise be blind. I am grateful beyond words for the work that SEE does.”Michael Cunningham, MD

Vietnam, Hue, March 2008

“The relative ease of getting health care and timely medical intervention in America is an advantage that those she sees in developing nations lack. Often eye diseases fester to a point of becoming untreatable. In many parts of the world there’s one ophthalmologist for a million patients. We really have an obligation; we have to give back to the world.”Dianna Kersten, MD

Guatemala, January 2014

“It’s some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. It makes a huge difference in these people’s lives, and they couldn’t be more thankful. I can’t wait to go on another trip like this.”Paul Gilwit, MD

Haiti, Cap Haitian, March 2008

“I expected to see a great need, but it was even more overwhelming than I had imagined.”Donald Shelley, MD

Mante, Mexico, February 2008

“The highlight of each mission is seeing the results of the surgery. I was pleasantly surprised that almost all of the patients had complete corrections. “Perfecto” was the term I used with the patients. The kids and parents were really happy with the results and it really made me feel good that we could help them out so much. Straightening out the eyes makes such a difference in their lives.”Howard Freedman, MD

Ghana, Accra, November 2013

“I am a foot soldier in the front line of the battle against preventable blindness in Africa. I am very happy with the prospects of working with others who are likely to make my work easier.”Thomas Tontie Baah, MBBS (SEE Host Ophthalmologist, Ghana)

Micronesia, Yap, March 2008

“I have in the past organized an international humanitarian clinic once by myself together with a fellow ophthalmologist… it was a grueling experience. Working with SEE makes getting all the needed supplies quick and easy as they put together very complete kits. I have two young children, and I have to admit that I don’t know if I would be able to make the time to organize getting all the supplies needed for this type of volunteer work without the support of SEE International.”Julio Narvaez, MD

Tonga, Nuku’alofa, September 2008

“The SEE expedition to Tonga was the most gratifying professional thing I’ve ever accomplished. I can’t tell you how much this trip meant to me.”Robert Buys, MD

India, Siliguri, June 2008

“Our visit to Siliguri was very memorable. Witnessing the volunteer efforts of not only the surgeons, but also of the nurses and support team was very heart warming. I always come back from charity clinics with new perspectives on humanity and how fortunate I am. I also enjoyed the comradeship with the other volunteers.”Sam Yankelove, MD
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